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Valerie Taupin / CEO 
TEOXANE LABORATORIES GENEVA - 4th Teoxane Expert Day - 10. November 2012 Düsseldorf

Valérie Taupin

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TEOXANE LABORATORIES are pleased to welcome you on the 4th TEOXANE EXPERT DAY in Frankfurt.

After the great success of the 4th TEOXANE EXPERT DAY last year in Dusseldorf, this event is turning more and more into a milestone for all (TEOSYAL-)Experts.

With its main topic "FOCUS ON BEAUTY", the 4th TED is aimed to present you different injection techniques of HA. Indeed, we are going a step further in aesthetic education thanks to a high quality medical training focusing on the most current trends and developments in anti-aging medicine as well as artistic analysis of the face, anatomy lectures and treatment possibilities. By looking beyond the horizon and with the background of "FOCUS ON BEAUTY", you will be able to reach continuously patients' satisfaction with effective, safe and long lasting results. These three pillars have also been the guiding vision of TEOXANE LABORATORIES since 2003. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success, and which have allowed us today to be a key leading international brand represented in over 93 countries. Safe, with complete control of the manufacturing process, more than 6-year clinical follow-up and more than 3 million syringes injected. Effective, thanks to our exclusive and patented technology, with an optimal cross-linking process, and the most complete dermal filler range designed for each indication. Long lasting, proved by several clinical studies realized by experts and independent laboratories. This year's edition program goal is to gather international renowned specialists. Thanks to their expertise, we are confident that you will find our lectures and demonstrations enlightening and inspiring. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to our get-together immediately after the end of the training day to exchange experiences with colleagues and widen your network. We are looking forward to having an exciting and successful meeting with you in Frankfurt.

Yours sincerely

Valérie Taupin